Over the past 230 years Australia’s population has grown by several million people, largely due to the intake of migrants. According to Census 2016 conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 49% of Australia’s population were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas. This makes Australia one of the most successful immigrant nations in the world.

From an economic standpoint, migration has an extremely positive effect. In 2015-16 as stated by the ABS, net overseas migration reflected an annual gain of 182,165 persons. According to ABS Labour Force statistics this helped create over 300,000 jobs in 2015 alone.

We have created a work and travel platform to connect both Australians and migrants to potential employers along with assisting the travel plans of holiday makers within Australia.

Bozzii offers employers the most effective and efficient base to source the best and brightest Australian and migrant jobseekers. We offer unlimited unique free job adverts from our app and website! Our job search engine provides 30-day listings, while our Job Boards can help find employees within minutes, ideal for those last-minute jobs that pop up.

Parent accounts are available for employers who choose to post 50 or more jobs per month. These allow each individual recruiter to associate themselves with the parent account, while still being able to manage their job listings individually.

We encourage working hard but also promote having fun through adventure. Bozzii provides app members the opportunity to connect over various different platforms…whether it is making new mates, looking for general advice, seeking or selling work and travel items, connecting with rideshare or even sharing a photo or joke.