Terms and Conditions for Employers(Employer’s Terms)

The Employer’s Terms govern the relationship between you, the person looking to find an employee (Employer) and Bozzii Pty Ltd ACN 616 459 762(Bozzii). You must read the Employer’s Terms carefully before you create an account and use Bozzii’s website or mobile app. Contact Bozzii if you have any questions. By creating an account you agree to be bound by the Employer’s Terms.

  1. Role of Bozzii
    • Bozzii is a facilitator only. Bozzii’s role is to assist you find people suitable to your requirements.
    • Bozzii does not enter any agreement for you or on your behalf. You will communicate and contract directly with the people you choose to employ (Potential Employee).
    • Bozzii gives no warranties or guarantees that use of the Bozzii website or mobile app will lead to you finding a suitable Potential Employee.
    • Bozzii will not get involved in any disputes between you and a Potential Employee whether or not you employee them.

  2. Registration with Bozzii
    • In order to post the details of a position vacant, you must register and create an account with Bozzii and agree to pay Bozzii the applicable fee (Fee) which appears when posting an advert [need to insert where the Fee can be found]. Any personal information you give to Bozzii will be used or disclosed in accordance with Bozzii’s Privacy Policy.
    • The Fee must be paid monthly at the end of each month by credit card or such other method as offered by Bozzii. If you pay by credit card you must keep your credit card details current and you must ensure that there is sufficient credit on your credit card for the payment to be made. Bozzii reserves the right to suspend your account, including your ability to post positions vacant, until all outstanding payments are made and up to date.
    • Once you are registered, you will be able to post the details of any position vacant with your organisation including your contact details so that Potential Employees can contact you directly if they are interested in the position.
    • All fees, unless otherwise stated, are exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes.
    • Bozziimay, in its sole discretion, refuse to register an account for any reason and will incur no liability or be responsible for any loss or damage to you no matter how it arises.
    • You must not provide the details of a Potential Employee obtained from using the Bozzii website or mobile app to any third parties unless the Potential Employee has expressly agreed to the disclosure of details.

  3. Your obligations
    • You must,at all times,answer all questions honestly, correctly and completely including when you create your account, register the details of any position vacant and when you talk to Potential Employees. All jobs advertised must in fact exist.
    • It is your responsibility to negotiate the terms of the employment agreement with the Potential Employee. You are also responsible for making your own inquiries of the Potential Employee, checking references and making sure you consider they are suitable for you.Bozziidoes not conduct its own inquiries as to any of the information supplied by the Potential Employees when they register as members with Bozzii and Bozziiwill not be responsible if you do not find the Potential Employee suitable or if they do not have the qualifications or experience as represented by the them on the Bozzii website or to you.
    • You must ensure that any information, including pictures, that are on a post you place on the Bozzii website or mobile app, is accurate and correct and kept up to date for the time it is accessible. You must remove the post as soon as possible once you have employed someone to fill the position or you have decided there is no longer a need for that role. Bozzii may, in its sole discretion, remove any post if it considers that such post has been inactive for a reasonable period of time.
    • You understand that you may have certain legal obligations to the Potential Employeesincluding insurance, workers’ compensation, payment of award rates, tax obligations and compliance with laws relating to working with children. These are your obligations and Bozzii is not liable to you, the Potential Employeeor any third party if you do not meet these obligations.
    • You must not use anyone else’s account or allow anyone else to use your account.
    • You must keep your account details, including password secure and notify Bozzii if anyone has used or attempted to access your account without your permission.
    • You must not provide the details of a Potential Employee obtained from using the Bozzii website or mobile app to any third parties unless the Potential Employee has expressly agreed to the disclosure of details.

  4. Special conditions for multiple user accounts
    • Notwithstanding any other terms in these Employer Terms, this clause 4 applies to an account where Bozzii has given you permission to appoint multiple recruiters within your organisation (Recruiters) to post positions vacant.It is your responsibility to make sure that each Recruiter is aware of and has agreed to comply with the Employer Terms and is registered with Bozziias a Recruiter before access is given to them.
    • There will be one person within your organisation who will have thestatus of administrator (Administrator). The Administrator is responsible for the security of your password and username, managing the Recruiter details for your account and can modify Recruiter data at all levels. The Administrator can create, delete and edit Recruiter profiles.
    • Each Recruiter will have their own username and password by which they can log in to your account and post or remove position vacant notices.
    • You must ensure that the Administrator and each Recruiter is aware of and complies with these Employment Terms. Any breach may result in your account being terminated under clause 5.
    • At the end of each month, Bozzii will invoice you the amount of the Fee applicable to the number of positions vacant posted by you, including by your Recruiters.

  5. Termination
    • Either party may terminate this agreement immediately on giving the other party writtennotice if:
      1. the other party is in breach of any provision of this agreement and the party in breach has failed to remedy the breach within 14 days of receipt of written notice from the other party describing the breach and calling for it to be remedied;
      2. the breach is not capable of remedy;
      3. the other party is unable to pay its debts when they fall due, any steps are taken for the winding up or similar of the other party or the other party takes steps to go into bankruptcy or becomes bankrupt.
    • Either party may terminate the agreement, without cause, by giving the other party 14 days’ written notice.
    • Bozzii may terminate this agreement immediately on giving you written notice if in Bozzii’s opinion, your continued use of the Bozzii’s website and mobile app will or may cause damage or disrepute to Bozzii’s reputation or cause Bozzii to breach any applicable law.
    • Bozzii will be under no liability whatsoever to refund any fees to you if this agreement is terminated irrespective of the reason for the termination.

  6. Liability
    • You use the Bozzii’s website and mobile app at your own risk. Both are provided on an “as is” basis.
    • Except as expressly set out in this agreement, and subject to any guarantees, warranties or conditions that by law may not be excluded, all guarantees, warranties andconditions and similar, implied by law or otherwise relating to the services provided by Bozzii under this agreement are excluded.
    • To the extent permitted by law, Bozzii will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage (including personal injury), loss of profit or opportunity arising out of or in connection with the services provided by Bozzii, including as a result of not being able to obtain employees, whether at common law, under contract, tort (including negligence), in equity, pursuant to statute or otherwise.
    • To the maximum extent permitted by law, the aggregate liability of Bozzii under or in relation to this agreement (including indemnities) arising out of all or any act, omission or event or series of related acts, omissions or events will not exceed the dollar value of the services provided by Bozziito you and which directly led to Bozzii’s liability arising.
    • You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bozzii, its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, employees, agents and independent contractors against any claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable legal fees) arising out of or related to any claims, including negligence, made by third parties against Bozzii arising out of your use of Bozzii’s facilitation services and the employment of Potential Employees, your breach or alleged breach of the EmployerTerms or of any representation or warranty contained in the Employer Terms.
    • You agree that Bozzii is not responsible for any reviews posted by Potential Employees on its website or mobile app and is not liable for any loss and damage you suffer as the result of a negative review. If you have an issue with any review please email the system administrator at accounts@bozzii.com.au.

  7. General